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Wuhan Future City Hotel

Future City Hotel has around 400 suites featured as one of the largest hotels in Wuchang district, and one of the largest hotels in term of number of rooms in Central China. The Hotel is managed by a professional hotel management company wholly owned by the Group. The hotel is featured by warm, elegant and household lifestyle. It served the travel and business customers from different levels. Future City Hotel is well-equipped with function rooms and conference rooms to provide services of banquet and business conference and team of hospitality professionals was recruited to deliver personalized services to customers.

Yuehuzhuang Hotel

Yuehuzhuang Hotel operates 3 villas, the clubhouse and the yacht berths of Qiandao Lake Villa project as a featured hotel under the name“Yuehuzhuang Hotel”, and providing a luxury services to customers.

Jiangsu Hoihai Project

Location: Located at Nanjing Gulou District No.1 Xikang Road, next to the main campus entrance of Hohai University. It is the political, economic and academic center of Nanjing.

Project Overview: With a total site area of approximately 5,000 m2, the project covers a gross floor area of approximately 35,000 m2 and comprises five-star hotels, international conference centers and commercial centers.

Jiangsu Hoihai Project was sold at the beginning of 2017 and brought considerable investment returns to the Group.

The Jiangsu Hehai project was disposed at the beginning of 2017 and produced considerable return on investment for the group.