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Wuhan Future City

Location: Located at No. 147, Luoshi south road in Wuhan, which is the centre of the CBD of jiedaokou and near the junction of the metro line number 2 and line number 7 in which the No.2 was completed and use in late 2012. The property is a typical metro-below property with convenient transportation. There are New World Department Store, Qunguang Shopping Mall and Hongshan Cine Arts Shopping Centre, forming an attractive commercial area.

Project Overview: The project covers a total area of approximately 19,000 m2 (approximately 28 Mu) with a gross floor area of 145,000 m2. The property comprises a residential complex of approximately 90,000 m2, a commercial building of approximately 55,000 m2. Future city is surrounded by more than twenty universities and/or tertiary education institutions such as Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Central China Normal University, the property is prime for around 1,000,000 resident and student consumers, while the project is also adjacent to the "Jiedaokou IT Street ", which is a commercial area for high-tech products trade with people of strong consumption.

Wuhan Future Mansion

Location: Located at No. 378 Wuluo Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan and adjacent to the main road of Wuluo Road. It is 600 meters away from Jiedaokou Future City and centered in “Yamao CBD” and near Jiedaokou CBD in Wuchang District. Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and Eastern China Normal University are surrounding the project, which attract more people, especially young students. It is also near the conjunction of metro line number 2 and line number 7 and 500s meter away from the exit of Baotongsi station of metro line number 2.

Project Overview: It covers a total area of approximately 5,900 m2 (approximately 8.7 Mu) with total gross area of approximately 43,000 m2, comprising two high-rise residential buildings and commercial building. Commercial podium is facing Wuluo street.

Zhongshui • Longyang Plaza

Location: The project is located between Wangjiawan business area of Wuhan and national-level Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone. Wangjiawan CBD will expand to its west, build up a commercial environment of this area. WEDZ Future City is located in the centre of “New Wuhan” approved by the state council of China with prosperous car parts industry. Provincial Longyang main road is on its east, and there are 3 other planned main roads around it. Metro line number 3 will pass by this project and a metro station will stand by the project.

Project Overview: the planned land under this project is approximately 30,000 m2 (approximately 45 Mu), and total gross floor area will amount to approximately 92,000 m2. After the completion, it will be a commercial complex.

Qiandao Lake Project

Location: The project is located at a prime area nearby the Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou City, China. Qiandao Lake is one of the national 5A Class Scenic Areas and a well-known national forest resort in China. It is famed as the most beautiful lake under heaven. The Qiandao Lake Villa is the last villa project planned by authority at the Qiandao Lake. The project is highly accessible from major cities, with around 3 km away from the Qiandao Lake town, and 10 km away from the express way.

Project Overview: The project covers an area of approximately 44,000 m2 (approximately 66 Mu). The project has a total of 26 individual luxury villas, each of which is attached with a private yacht dock, pool and indoor lift. Each villa is with its own theme and specific designed for, both interior and gardens. Only top international brand materials are chosen for the decoration. There is an ambassador-class private club, a military intelligence security system and private housekeeping services. The project also equipped with private club house services in organizing all ranges of services needed.

Mei Lai International Centre

Location: Located at the intersection of Yingbin road and Womei road of Yuhang CBD, which is the second CBD of Hangzhou. The project is facing the planned citizen centre plaza of Yuhang and near the Yuhang station of Shanghai- Hangzhou high speed railway and Hangzhou metro line number 1. The project is characterized as a high speed railway and metro related property.

Project Overview: With a total site area of approximately 16,000 m2, the project covers a gross floor area of approximately 115,000 m2 and comprises three around 100 meters high rise towers including premium offices, loft service apartments, high class shopping mall and walking street shops built on a retail podium.