Property Investment Business Back

Wuhan Future City Shopping Mall

Part of the project owned by the Group named Future City Shopping Centre has approximately 55,000m2 of commercial properties, and it is managed by a professional commercial management company and property management company, both are formed by the Group. Through diversified marketing strategy and consumer flow, the Shopping Centre now becomes a fashionable, dynamic and international shopping centre to cater the growing demand nearby. The operation of the Shopping Centre provided a steady cash inflow to the Group in addition to the possible capital appreciation.

Mei Lai International Centre Commercial Part

Hangzhou Mei Lai Commercial Property Management Company was formed by the Group to prepare the operation of the commercial part of Mei Lai International Centre in Yuhang district of Hangzhou. The commercial part has approximately 58,000 m2 with car park included. Mei Lai International Centre is located in new Central Business District in Yuhang district of Hangzhou and adjacent to the south station of Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway and also the terminal of Hangzhou metro line No. 1, which is already in use in late 2012, it is expected Mei Lai International Centre can meet the increasing needs from residential and office customers nearby.